UPS EATON Protection Station 800VA USB DIN 61082

UPS EATON Protection Station 800VA USB DIN 61082
Producător: EATON
Cod produs: 61082
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
1.000.000 RON
Curierat urgent: livrare in 24 ore oricunde in Romania

UPS EATON Protection Station 800VA USB DIN 61082

Putere (VA): 800
Montabile in rack: Da
Intrari: Connection: 1 x DIN
Input Voltage Range: Up to 160 V - 284 V (adjustable)
Protection: Resettable circuit breaker
Installation: Requires earth connection
Iesiri: Output Receptacles: 4 x DIN
4 x DIN surge only
Voltages : 230 V
Output power capacity (all outlets) :10 A - 2300 VA
PowerLine compatibility: 1 PLC-ready outlet
Output Frequency:50 / 60 Hz auto-selection
Interfata: USB Port
User Interface: Operation with mains/battery power, surge suppressor status, overload, battery replacement, fault, audible alarms
Protectie: Protection for telephone/fax/modem/Internet ADSL line + Ethernet network
Management: Power Management Software: Personal Solution-Pac software on CD, compatible with Windows Vista/XP/Mac/Linux
Altele: Topology: High frequency UPS with surge protection
Configuration: Desktop mini tower
Typical Application: 1 computer high graphics power
Rating (VA/Watts): 800/500,
Surge Protection: Complete common and differential mode protection - 3 MOV – Total power: 525 Joules, compatible with IEC 61643-1 standard
Culoare: Negru
Alarma: audible alarms
Dimensiuni (W x D x H mm): 185 x 327 x 149 mm
Greutate (Kg): 4 kg

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